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Cash Flow Statement

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As-reported financial charting
 2013 Y2014 Y2015 Y2016 Y
Source Document12/31/201512/31/201612/31/201612/31/2016
(in thousands)    
Cash Flows from Operating Activities 
Net income 28,72632,77439,00649,694
Adjustments to reconcile net income to net cash provided by operating activities 
Stock-based and non-cash compensation 1,0791,1871,4181,803
Depreciation 5,4665,5725,6977,295
Amortization of intangible assets 3,1322,8843,1924,438
Premises and equipment impairment 00670756
Provision for loan losses 7,5002,0001,6005,550
Provision for deferred income taxes 10,11012,7152,9852,953
Amortization of security premiums and discounts, net 8,7447,3058,3606,877
Accretion of premiums and discounts on time deposits and trust preferred securities, net NA00(669)
Accretion of premiums and discounts on loans, net 00(1,476)(7,429)
Net security gains (553)(776)(380)(1,232)
Gain on sales of mortgage loans, net of origination costs (10,227)(4,723)(5,843)(28,299)
Mortgage loans originated for sale (450,226)(222,976)(267,737)(1,822,027)
Proceeds from sales of mortgage loans 486,616231,139276,3771,767,220
Increase in cash surrender value of bank owned life insurance (1,189)(796)(1,454)(1,522)
Net losses (gains) on disposition of premises and equipment (533)(19)355251
Increase in deferred compensation (49)363201142
Change in assets and liabilities 
(Increase) decrease in other assets 9,6202,112(137)(407)
Decrease in other liabilities (63)(650)(1,329)(6,288)
Net cash provided by operating activities before activities for loans originated for sale 61,763NANANA
Net cash (used in) provided by operating activities 98,15368,11161,505(20,894)
Cash Flows from Investing Activities 
Purchases of securities classified available for sale (83,718)(182,123)(235,291)(180,447)
Purchases of securities classified held to maturity (839)(1,026)(16,287)(2,103)
Proceeds from sales of securities classified available for sale 16,36574,11325,06852,587
Proceeds from maturities of securities classified available for sale 203,908185,329200,780241,304
Proceeds from sales of securities classified held to maturity NA00399
Proceeds from maturities of securities classified held to maturity 0104803,811
Net increase in loans (258,366)(126,604)(118,398)(1,294)
Purchases of premises and equipment (2,549)(3,778)(4,114)(8,991)
Proceeds from disposition of premises and equipment 2,856783122,485
Proceeds from sale of OREO properties 3,6452,7391,0904,498
Proceeds from the redemption of FHLB stock NA0035,397
Purchase of FHLB stock NA00(23,478)
Net cash received in acquisitions 0012,11425,575
Net cash provided by (used in) investing activities (118,698)(51,262)(134,246)149,743
Cash Flows from Financing Activities 
Net decrease in certificates of deposit (108,828)(86,300)(86,574)(173,385)
Net increase in demand deposits, money market and savings accounts (2,326)118,010232,93131,322
Net (decrease) increase in federal funds purchased and securities sold under agreements to repurchase 33,32426,545(25,921)(6,655)
Principal payments on long-term debt (7,000)NANANA
Proceeds from short-term borrowings, net NA00(104,000)
Repayment of FHLB long term advances NA00(4,906)
Proceeds from long-term debt 050,00030,0000
Value of shares surrendered upon vesting of restricted stock units to satisfy tax obligations (237)(45)(269)(809)
Redemption of SBLF preferred stock 00(72,664)0
Cash dividends paid (14,040)(17,224)(18,619)(22,748)
Cash payment for fractional shares related to reverse stock split 00(5)0
Proceeds from stock options exercised NA004
Common stock issuance costs NA00(246)
Purchase of treasury stock 00(6,296)0
Net cash (used in) provided by financing activities (99,107)90,98652,583(281,423)
Net (decrease) increase in cash and cash equivalents (119,652)107,835(20,158)(152,574)
Cash and cash equivalents, beginning of period 351,255231,603339,438319,280
Cash and cash equivalents, ending of period 231,603339,438319,280166,706
Cash Payments for 
Interest 9,0866,6656,2829,674
Income taxes 4,7496,39517,17020,186
Non-cash Investing and Financing Activities 
Other real estate acquired in settlement of loans 2,0686601,2512,775

Data shown on this page is extracted directly from the company’s documents. SNL makes every effort to line up fields, captions and headers that represent the same data over time, despite variations in how the company may report these items in different documents. In certain instances the variation in the company’s presentation over time may be too significant, potentially resulting in repeating and/or disordered items. Despite possible issues with the presentation, SNL, as always, stands by its commitment to the quality of the data.

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